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Patrick Mahon & Barbara Balfour reception February 18 @ Katzman Kamen Gallery, Toronto

The exhibition runs from February 14th to March 4th
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Katzman Kamen Gallery, 80 Spadina Ave., Suite #406, Toronto


Scott Bergey describes his work as contemporary with a familiar retro feeling. The southern Ontario based artist started painting as a hobby and today “builds from simple things – a piece of paper, a brush – but challenge myself to explore.”

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A detail photograph of four of my completed paintings, taken on my ‘presentation wall’ aka the dining room 🙂 I’m a third of the way finished my paintings for the Solo Exhibit Nature Abstracted, on February 18th-27th at The Ben Navaee Gallery.

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Art Film & Video Festival
Join Cambridge Libraries & Galleries for an Art Film & Video Festival geared to enlighten audiences on the creative process of artists and how histories in art are created.
@ Cambridge Galleries Queen’s Square
FEBRUARY 17 & 18

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Cerebral Arena
February 24th-March 17th 2012
Opening Reception February 24th at 7pm
Cerebral Arena is a collision between phsyical and virtually constructed worlds: renovating drawings and digital projections inviting the viewer into an alternate reality.

February 24th-March23rd 2012
Opening Reception February 24th at 7pm
Chose are familiar objects stripped of their function, these ‘symbols’ create a lexicon of personal iconography, intentionally vague in meaning.
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A few of my paintings for the solo show just photographed as I had started the transfer from computer to canvas.

Less then two weeks until the show and they still need to be finished. I really need to do nothing but paint now. What could be better?

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Images obtained from my camera

In 1979, art critic and theorist Rosalind Krauss published her groundbreaking essay Sculpture in the Expanded Field which addressed the new ways in which artists were engaging with the idea of sculpture. Since this time, the term sculpture has “expanded” even further and now encompasses such a wide range of practices that its identity has become unclear.

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Colour and texture pull me in and keep me up at night until I’ve figured out how to make them mine; and then how to picture them so that others can see what I see, be it beautiful, political, sentimental, funny or just a scintillating juxtaposition of bits and pieces that somehow please.

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My first Solo Show is at the Ben Navaee Gallery from February 18th-27th. I’m so excited, I better get the paintings finished, I’m working on ten at once!

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Coldplay, Jul 23 & 24, Air Canada Centre

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