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This book titled Picasso’s World by John Finlay is a great read (so far); as he goes beyond mere historical and stylistic reference, going into unknown meanings and connections between pieces by the artist, and actual events surrounding or encouraging the subject matter of both well known, and lesser known assemblages, paintings and sculptures.

Info obtained from my own readings


The 2012 Artists’ Day Planner has come with lots of changes, while sticking to many old favourites that we know you love!

Not only does it come equipped with dates for opportunities where you can submit your work and apply to various funding bodies, but it is now easier to carry everywhere you go with its new, smaller size. We also gave it a sleeker look, more calendar space, and easier listings to follow!

We invite you to share this as a gift for the artist in your life!
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Happy Holidays!
From the CARFAC Ontario Team

Excerpt from a poem unposted:
‘We reverse into the protection
Of the mountains
Minds’ eye opened
Capsulated into bleeding
Tones of sky, coloured
With understanding that can
Spread from our fingertips.’

Info obtained from today’s computer exploration, text from a journal I brought with me to B.C. in early October 2011

Book: Burning Questions
A panel discussion about the future of the book and book industry in Canada
@ The Design Exchange, 234 Bay St. Toronto
AUGUST 11 6:30-8:30pm
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In the next week I will be having my Insomnia triptych being installed at the Dovercourt and Queen Starbucks in Toronto, submitting for the 3rd Edition of the TECAP publication; and will be participating in the BIST Awareness Day at Nathan Phillips Square on June 16th from 12-2pm 🙂

In a world without future, beyond the present lies nothingness, and people cling to the present as if hanging from a cliff.

Info obtained from the novel Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman

TRAFFIC: Conceptual Art in Canada 1965-1980
March 18 to May 8 2011

Presented in Halifax at:
Anna Leonowens Gallery (NSCAD University)
Dalhousie Art Gallery
MSVU Art Gallery (Mount Saint Vincent University)
Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery

Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada 1965–1980 is the first major exhibition to focus on the influence and manifestations of conceptual art in Canada, a movement that can be largely understood through Sol LeWitt’s famous 1967 statement that “the idea becomes a machine that makes the art”.

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…The past decade has seen a host of ingenious demonstrations establishing that language indeed plays a causal role in shaping cognition.

Studies have shown that changing how people talk changes how they think.

Further reading of Scientific American issue Scaling Back Obesity article How Language Shapes Thought by Lera Boroditsky

SHIFT: dialogues of migration in contemporary art
A three-day creative symposium
April 8-10, 2011, Regina, SK
Organized by the Strandline Curatorial Collective and the MacKenzie Art Gallery

Location: MacKenzie Art Gallery
3475 Albert Street, Regina, Saskatchewan

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Opening Reception:
Exhibition Tour with Gordon Monahan at 7 pm
Take the bus! Free shuttle bus to DMG departs 401 Richmond St. W. at 6 pm, returning at 9 pm

Seeing Sound is a thirty-year overview of internationally renowned sound and multimedia artist Gordon Monahan’s career. Monahan’s works..juxtapose the quantitative and qualitative aspects of natural acoustical phenomena with elements of media technology, environment, architecture, popular culture and live performance.

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