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Category Archives: Theatric Insinuations

I had to take a break from my painting madness, so I saw the film Dangerous Method based on work by Jung and Freud. It was quite a good show 🙂


Art Film & Video Festival
Join Cambridge Libraries & Galleries for an Art Film & Video Festival geared to enlighten audiences on the creative process of artists and how histories in art are created.
@ Cambridge Galleries Queen’s Square
FEBRUARY 17 & 18

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Coldplay, Jul 23 & 24, Air Canada Centre

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CINEMA KABUKI 2012 in Toronto (Feb. 22-23)
Presented by The Japan Foundation
in High Definition on the Big Screen
Direct from Japan
Subtitled in English
including two Canadian premieres, The Zen Substitute, Murder in a Hell of Oil, and Hokaibo

Step-by-step instructions
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Yesterday evening off Queen St. E (65 Glen Manor Drive) there was a TECAP (Toronto East Community Arts Program) fundraiser, of unique musical performances including a meditation piece where we were encouraged to meditate, to the transcendental music. As well as a Gallery of Artworks that were for auction; above right is my Vancouver Group Of Seven Tree done in Acrylic.

Info obtained from my camera and my experience participating 🙂
For more info on this organization go to:

Jane’s Addiction at Massey Hall

Jane’s Addiction
with The Black Box Revelation

Monday, February 27
Massey Hall
Onsale: Sat, Jan 14 at 12pm
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Christine Negus
you can’t spell slaughter without laughter

January 19 – February 18, 2012

Gallery TPW is pleased to present a solo exhibition by emerging artist Christine Negus. Negus’ works range from ephemeral objects, including glittery party banners, neon signs and artificially flowered memorial wreaths, to video works steeped in sweet sadness.

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5:30 P.M. TO 9 P.M.

New York conceptual artist SHIN IL KIM. The exhibition presents new video, sculpture, and drawings.

For more info:
2401 Bank St
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Mark Audette: Art Class 010 opens January 13 @ Gallery 44, Toronto

Art Class 010
Photography and installation by Marc Audette

January 13–February 11, 2012
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Will be held at Casino Rama from March 21-25th, NE of Barrie at 5899 Rama Road. This comedy skit that has been on the scene for about three decades has shaped how we culturally perceive and communicate. This occurred by the word spam, originally a tinned meat used in rationing during the war, becoming a term to represent excessive unwanted mail. This transposed onto the internet and it’s transactions of messages now known as emails, and the unwanted ones termed as spam.

For more info on this culture shifting production go to: