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Category Archives: Tactile Temperments

Installation is complete! It is looking really good, statement, labels, prints, range of sizes of paintings; all hung ready to show for tomorrow’s reception at 3pm. I’m really pleased, even a little thrilled that this Solo Show is happening 🙂


I had to take a break from my painting madness, so I saw the film Dangerous Method based on work by Jung and Freud. It was quite a good show 🙂

Cerebral Arena
February 24th-March 17th 2012
Opening Reception February 24th at 7pm
Cerebral Arena is a collision between phsyical and virtually constructed worlds: renovating drawings and digital projections inviting the viewer into an alternate reality.

February 24th-March23rd 2012
Opening Reception February 24th at 7pm
Chose are familiar objects stripped of their function, these ‘symbols’ create a lexicon of personal iconography, intentionally vague in meaning.
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In 1979, art critic and theorist Rosalind Krauss published her groundbreaking essay Sculpture in the Expanded Field which addressed the new ways in which artists were engaging with the idea of sculpture. Since this time, the term sculpture has “expanded” even further and now encompasses such a wide range of practices that its identity has become unclear.

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Colour and texture pull me in and keep me up at night until I’ve figured out how to make them mine; and then how to picture them so that others can see what I see, be it beautiful, political, sentimental, funny or just a scintillating juxtaposition of bits and pieces that somehow please.

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The results are in from a race on Christmas Eve. I still can’t believe it made it on to the internet, some family fun turned viral.

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This exquisite shot by Neil Ta reflects a block of the Bay Street financial district of Toronto, vertically, in the foreground building. He’s a roof topper, a daredevil photographer who travels up to shoot down.

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Thank god someone out there has the tenacity and natural talent to tackle this mailbox plague – cue Amanda Nelsen and her incredible Kinkade Recycled installation; a collection of 40,000 junk mail pieces folded and string bundled into 2 inch cubes that resemble colored pixels. At first I thought I was looking at a giant painting, maybe a rug. Amanda, it is because of people like you that this world is so wonderful.

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Jewel Net of Indra

“You use a glass mirror to see your face, you use works of art to see your soul.” George Bernard Shaw.

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Even if you ignore the pollution, cars simply take up too much space. Next time you are stuck in traffic behind what seems like a million cars, try to imagine if all those cars where replaced by pedestrians or bike riders. Suddenly, the congestion is gone.

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