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Category Archives: Painted Persistance

Two compositions in my Solo Show: Nature Abstracted sold at the reception within the first half an hour. I was so pleased by getting the youtube videos online; as well as being exhausted from promoting the show this great news slipped my mind 🙂

Image obtained under searching Carolyn Scanlan Solo Show on YouTube


My Solo Show will be installed tomorrow. One day left to tie up the lose ends of edges and second coats on a couple of paintings; as well as a few hooks and wires and I’m set. I refuse to panic, by telling myself ‘it will get done’. Thank goodness the details of the statement, labels and prints are completed! 🙂

Image taken from my camera during my painting process

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Mentally I’m thinking of myself as a creatively nuanced machine that is mass producing ‘my masterpieces’ for the upcoming Solo Show at Ben Navaee’s Gallery. Even pausing for tea or food seems to be too much 🙂

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My studio showing half of the Exhibition paintings about half way completed. I’m feeling some panic, knowing though that I can get them to the state of presentation.

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Opening Reception:
Saturday February 18th 3-4:30pm
Exhbition Dates: February 18th to 27th

For Nature Abstracted, her first Solo Exibition, Toronto artist Carolyn Scanlan uses a new approach to her
creative practice, by articulating her concept through photography, working with the computer, resulting in a series of layered landscapes that explore the different ways the mind conveys forms into reality.

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Patrick Mahon & Barbara Balfour reception February 18 @ Katzman Kamen Gallery, Toronto

The exhibition runs from February 14th to March 4th
For further info:
Katzman Kamen Gallery, 80 Spadina Ave., Suite #406, Toronto

Scott Bergey describes his work as contemporary with a familiar retro feeling. The southern Ontario based artist started painting as a hobby and today “builds from simple things – a piece of paper, a brush – but challenge myself to explore.”

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A few of my paintings for the solo show just photographed as I had started the transfer from computer to canvas.

Less then two weeks until the show and they still need to be finished. I really need to do nothing but paint now. What could be better?

For more info on the exhibit go to:
Images obtained from my camera

I made it to Gallery 1313’s Reception for The First Annual Emerging Artist Show, and wow was it ever crowded! So many people were there that you couldn’t even see the artwork, except of course for the really tall or large pieces. I attempted taking some video, it didn’t pan out. Although by the end of the evening I realized that these events are held for the artists to socialize, and get to know each other, not to document their work.

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Gallery 1313 Will Be hosting it’s first Annual Emerging Artist Exhibit in 2012

From January 4th- 22nd. My Hollow Tree piece, inspired by my travels to Vancouver B.C. this past October, will be participating in this exibit. This painted composition has used three mediums to reach it’s finished quality (photo, photoshop, and the painted abstraction)

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