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Two compositions in my Solo Show: Nature Abstracted sold at the reception within the first half an hour. I was so pleased by getting the youtube videos online; as well as being exhausted from promoting the show this great news slipped my mind 🙂

Image obtained under searching Carolyn Scanlan Solo Show on YouTube


An outside view of Ben Navaee Gallery where my Solo Show: Nature Abstracted opened today. The reception was held from 3-4:30 pm and as you can see following the links on youtube there was a good response from the public. The Abstracted Landscapes were a hit!

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My Solo Show will be installed tomorrow. One day left to tie up the lose ends of edges and second coats on a couple of paintings; as well as a few hooks and wires and I’m set. I refuse to panic, by telling myself ‘it will get done’. Thank goodness the details of the statement, labels and prints are completed! 🙂

Image taken from my camera during my painting process

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Mentally I’m thinking of myself as a creatively nuanced machine that is mass producing ‘my masterpieces’ for the upcoming Solo Show at Ben Navaee’s Gallery. Even pausing for tea or food seems to be too much 🙂

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Opening Reception:
Saturday February 18th 3-4:30pm
Exhbition Dates: February 18th to 27th

For Nature Abstracted, her first Solo Exibition, Toronto artist Carolyn Scanlan uses a new approach to her
creative practice, by articulating her concept through photography, working with the computer, resulting in a series of layered landscapes that explore the different ways the mind conveys forms into reality.

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A detail photograph of four of my completed paintings, taken on my ‘presentation wall’ aka the dining room 🙂 I’m a third of the way finished my paintings for the Solo Exhibit Nature Abstracted, on February 18th-27th at The Ben Navaee Gallery.

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Cerebral Arena
February 24th-March 17th 2012
Opening Reception February 24th at 7pm
Cerebral Arena is a collision between phsyical and virtually constructed worlds: renovating drawings and digital projections inviting the viewer into an alternate reality.

February 24th-March23rd 2012
Opening Reception February 24th at 7pm
Chose are familiar objects stripped of their function, these ‘symbols’ create a lexicon of personal iconography, intentionally vague in meaning.
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A few of my paintings for the solo show just photographed as I had started the transfer from computer to canvas.

Less then two weeks until the show and they still need to be finished. I really need to do nothing but paint now. What could be better?

For more info on the exhibit go to:
Images obtained from my camera

My first Solo Show is at the Ben Navaee Gallery from February 18th-27th. I’m so excited, I better get the paintings finished, I’m working on ten at once!

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This was the opening night reception for Gallery 1313’s First Annual Emerging Artist Show which was held this January 4th-22nd 2012. It was an awesome night of pure talent and social creativity, developing among peers of imagination.

Info obtained from memory and the internet 🙂
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