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Art Film & Video Festival
Join Cambridge Libraries & Galleries for an Art Film & Video Festival geared to enlighten audiences on the creative process of artists and how histories in art are created.
@ Cambridge Galleries Queen’s Square
FEBRUARY 17 & 18

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This exquisite shot by Neil Ta reflects a block of the Bay Street financial district of Toronto, vertically, in the foreground building. He’s a roof topper, a daredevil photographer who travels up to shoot down.

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Thank god someone out there has the tenacity and natural talent to tackle this mailbox plague – cue Amanda Nelsen and her incredible Kinkade Recycled installation; a collection of 40,000 junk mail pieces folded and string bundled into 2 inch cubes that resemble colored pixels. At first I thought I was looking at a giant painting, maybe a rug. Amanda, it is because of people like you that this world is so wonderful.

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Even if you ignore the pollution, cars simply take up too much space. Next time you are stuck in traffic behind what seems like a million cars, try to imagine if all those cars where replaced by pedestrians or bike riders. Suddenly, the congestion is gone.

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Yesterday evening off Queen St. E (65 Glen Manor Drive) there was a TECAP (Toronto East Community Arts Program) fundraiser, of unique musical performances including a meditation piece where we were encouraged to meditate, to the transcendental music. As well as a Gallery of Artworks that were for auction; above right is my Vancouver Group Of Seven Tree done in Acrylic.

Info obtained from my camera and my experience participating 🙂
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This book titled Picasso’s World by John Finlay is a great read (so far); as he goes beyond mere historical and stylistic reference, going into unknown meanings and connections between pieces by the artist, and actual events surrounding or encouraging the subject matter of both well known, and lesser known assemblages, paintings and sculptures.

Info obtained from my own readings

The art and science of remembering everything. Mind mapping is a memory technique commonly linked with mnemonist Tony Buzan to create various associative hooks to help sink in images of a particular concept.

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Annie MacDonell: Originality and the Avant Garde
Pierre Leguillon features Diane Arbus: A Printed Retrospective, 1960 – 1971
Artists’ Talk & Screening: JANUARY 17
@ Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario
Opening Reception: JANUARY 20
Exhibition Dates: JANUARY 20 – MARCH 10
@ Mercer Union
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Will be held at Casino Rama from March 21-25th, NE of Barrie at 5899 Rama Road. This comedy skit that has been on the scene for about three decades has shaped how we culturally perceive and communicate. This occurred by the word spam, originally a tinned meat used in rationing during the war, becoming a term to represent excessive unwanted mail. This transposed onto the internet and it’s transactions of messages now known as emails, and the unwanted ones termed as spam.

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It is with deep regret that the Centre for Inquiry Canada recognizes the passing of Christopher Hitchens, journalist, author and public intellectual. His untimely passing marks a loss for our community and for the intellectual world generally.

Armed with his perennial wit and an unabashed ferocity, Christopher enlightened an audience of millions over the span of three decades. While occasionally offensive and brash in his approach, Christopher’s unyielding commitment to truth and reason are an inspiration to all freethinking people.

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