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Category Archives: Inner Awareness

Quitting smoking has it’s rewards! On my 2nd anniversary of quitting I treated myself with my savings to a trip to B.C. Beautiful new experiences can be had without addictions 🙂

The first image is of Granville Island (great Arts community), the second is of Kitsilano beach, third is of Lion’s Gate Bridge that takes you into North and West Vancouver, and the last photo is of a tree in Stanley Park, Vancouver.

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Claire Desjardins: Ebb & Flow
February 2 – 23, 2012
Reception Friday February 3, 6-9 pm

“I wish to explore the concept of my own existence in this common space we call earth: sometimes I blend and flow with the environment that surrounds me; sometimes I feel as though I am floating in a completely separate space of my own.”

1230 Yonge St Toronto
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MAX DEAN until January 28

As an artist Dean sees his life through the lens of the object; they are vessels for many different stories. He states “Objects wait, they wait for us to interact with them, they are stand-ins for thoughts and feelings.”

Nicholas Metivier Gallery
451 King St W
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Last Night at the Bathurst Street location of the Taoist Tai Chi, I taught my first class! It was not in the beautiful outdoors as seen here, but as you can see it is a beautiful moving meditation.

Here is a link to see the full 108 moves that only takes 15 minutes per complete set:

ADULT ART COURSES AT THE AGO (winter session begin January 9)
Are you an adult who wants to connect with the artist within? At the AGO, we have lots of different courses for adults to make, learn about, or simply connect with art.

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Dreams may seem bizarre or nonsensical because the chemistry of the sleeping brain affects how we perceive our own thoughts, but we nonentheless continue focusing on all the same issues that concern us while we are awake.

Trying to dream about a particular problem is called dream incubation, increasing the chance that you will come up with a solution. Write down your problem, review before bed, visualize it concretely. When you awake, lie in bed and recall any trace of a dream, invite more of it to return, and write it down.

Info obtained from Scientific American Mind issue Great Idea! You Must Be Dreaming article ‘Answers In Your Dreams’ by Deirdre Barrett

Work by Beatriz Olano and Magdalena Fernández
November 16, 2011 – January 28, 2012

Doris McCarthy Gallery
University of Toronto Scarborough
1265 Military Trail
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If you take a million people and you look at the same areas of their brains, you will see those area more or less committed to performing the same functions or processes. But they may not be in the exact same place. And they shouldn’t be, beceause each of us will have different life experiences.

Info obtained from the novel The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge

OTTAWA – From big cities to small villages, Canadians of all ages gather today amid the mournful skirl of bagpipes and tears to honour the country’s war dead.

Those who fell on Afghan soil will also be memorialized in Langley, B.C., today with the planting of 157 trees in their honour. Canada’s honour roll holds the names of more than 114,000 people who gave their lives in the two World Wars, the Korean and Afghanistan conflicts and on peacekeeping missions.

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Excerpt from a poem unposted:
‘We reverse into the protection
Of the mountains
Minds’ eye opened
Capsulated into bleeding
Tones of sky, coloured
With understanding that can
Spread from our fingertips.’

Info obtained from today’s computer exploration, text from a journal I brought with me to B.C. in early October 2011