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Category Archives: Imaginary Innovatives

Cerebral Arena
February 24th-March 17th 2012
Opening Reception February 24th at 7pm
Cerebral Arena is a collision between phsyical and virtually constructed worlds: renovating drawings and digital projections inviting the viewer into an alternate reality.

February 24th-March23rd 2012
Opening Reception February 24th at 7pm
Chose are familiar objects stripped of their function, these ‘symbols’ create a lexicon of personal iconography, intentionally vague in meaning.
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Thank god someone out there has the tenacity and natural talent to tackle this mailbox plague – cue Amanda Nelsen and her incredible Kinkade Recycled installation; a collection of 40,000 junk mail pieces folded and string bundled into 2 inch cubes that resemble colored pixels. At first I thought I was looking at a giant painting, maybe a rug. Amanda, it is because of people like you that this world is so wonderful.

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Douglas Coupland
Welcome to the 21st Century
26 January – 7 April 2012
Opening reception: 26 January, 6-8pm

“I want to explore how it feels to be inside the 21st century brain as opposed to the 20th century brain,” says Coupland of his new show, one that examines how art and technology can decode the spirit of our age.

Daniel Faria Gallery
188 St Helens Ave
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The art and science of remembering everything. Mind mapping is a memory technique commonly linked with mnemonist Tony Buzan to create various associative hooks to help sink in images of a particular concept.

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In deep is an installation that uses underground imagery as a metaphor for the human condition. Utilizing a narrow range of visual logic that hovers between illusion and abbreviated sign, a subtle, dark humour guides the viewer through a landscape both physical and psychological.

Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay W., Toronto

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Daniel Richter, who is currently on display. Richter claims that he has never been freer than when painting the works for this exhibition, titled 10001 Nights, and although the result does not compare to previous heights, his irradiated figures in fucked up landscapes still manage to be light years ahead of the pack.

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Work by Beatriz Olano and Magdalena Fernández
November 16, 2011 – January 28, 2012

Doris McCarthy Gallery
University of Toronto Scarborough
1265 Military Trail
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Now showing at akasha art projects…
Johnnie Eisen’s compelling new show, no beyond.
These outwardly subdued images come to reveal complex layers of meaning, and the viewer is drawn ever deeper into the labyrinth of the intertwined natural and psychological worlds.

Akasha Art Project
51 Church St. Suite 200

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Excerpt from a poem unposted:
‘We reverse into the protection
Of the mountains
Minds’ eye opened
Capsulated into bleeding
Tones of sky, coloured
With understanding that can
Spread from our fingertips.’

Info obtained from today’s computer exploration, text from a journal I brought with me to B.C. in early October 2011

For 15 years Subtle Technologies has been bringing people together to promote wonder, incite creativity and spark innovation across disciplines. Our symposium provide(s) a forum to explore ideas and pose questions at the intersection of art, science and technology. Subtle Technologies is known internationally for presenting work by artists and scientists at the leading edge of their respective disciplines.

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