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Sunday February 26th
12noon – 5pm

Tour starts at 12noon at 80 Spadina Ave (Suite #501) with the Koffler Gallery Off-Site exhibition, and then departs for Blackwood Gallery, Art Gallery of York University and Doris McCarthy Gallery.

To make a reservation, contact by Friday February 24.
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On Feb 9th, WWF wants you to lower your heat and wear a sweater to show you’re taking action against climate change. To make sure you put one on, Grannies are standing by to personally call and remind you.

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This exquisite shot by Neil Ta reflects a block of the Bay Street financial district of Toronto, vertically, in the foreground building. He’s a roof topper, a daredevil photographer who travels up to shoot down.

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Quitting smoking has it’s rewards! On my 2nd anniversary of quitting I treated myself with my savings to a trip to B.C. Beautiful new experiences can be had without addictions πŸ™‚

The first image is of Granville Island (great Arts community), the second is of Kitsilano beach, third is of Lion’s Gate Bridge that takes you into North and West Vancouver, and the last photo is of a tree in Stanley Park, Vancouver.

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Call for Applications: Thematic Residencies and Banff Artist in Residence (BAIR) Programs at The Banff Centre

Application deadline: January 20, 2012

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This book titled Picasso’s World by John Finlay is a great read (so far); as he goes beyond mere historical and stylistic reference, going into unknown meanings and connections between pieces by the artist, and actual events surrounding or encouraging the subject matter of both well known, and lesser known assemblages, paintings and sculptures.

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The art and science of remembering everything. Mind mapping is a memory technique commonly linked with mnemonist Tony Buzan to create various associative hooks to help sink in images of a particular concept.

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Scientists doing deep-sea vent exploring in the Antarctic have uncovered a world unlike anything found around other hydrothermal vents, one populated by new species of anemones, predatory sea stars, and piles of hairy-chested yeti crabs.

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On Dec. 21, 2012, many doomsday believers fear the apocalypse β€” anything from a rogue planet smashing into us to our world spinning end over end. However, the world should expect nothing more next year than the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, NASA says.

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Will be held at Casino Rama from March 21-25th, NE of Barrie at 5899 Rama Road. This comedy skit that has been on the scene for about three decades has shaped how we culturally perceive and communicate. This occurred by the word spam, originally a tinned meat used in rationing during the war, becoming a term to represent excessive unwanted mail. This transposed onto the internet and it’s transactions of messages now known as emails, and the unwanted ones termed as spam.

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