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Category Archives: Collectively Innovative

Sunday February 26th
12noon – 5pm

Tour starts at 12noon at 80 Spadina Ave (Suite #501) with the Koffler Gallery Off-Site exhibition, and then departs for Blackwood Gallery, Art Gallery of York University and Doris McCarthy Gallery.

To make a reservation, contact by Friday February 24.
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Patrick Mahon & Barbara Balfour reception February 18 @ Katzman Kamen Gallery, Toronto

The exhibition runs from February 14th to March 4th
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Katzman Kamen Gallery, 80 Spadina Ave., Suite #406, Toronto

Art Film & Video Festival
Join Cambridge Libraries & Galleries for an Art Film & Video Festival geared to enlighten audiences on the creative process of artists and how histories in art are created.
@ Cambridge Galleries Queen’s Square
FEBRUARY 17 & 18

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In 1979, art critic and theorist Rosalind Krauss published her groundbreaking essay Sculpture in the Expanded Field which addressed the new ways in which artists were engaging with the idea of sculpture. Since this time, the term sculpture has “expanded” even further and now encompasses such a wide range of practices that its identity has become unclear.

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On Feb 9th, WWF wants you to lower your heat and wear a sweater to show you’re taking action against climate change. To make sure you put one on, Grannies are standing by to personally call and remind you.

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The results are in from a race on Christmas Eve. I still can’t believe it made it on to the internet, some family fun turned viral.

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Metro Toronto Convention Centre, April 19-22, 2012
NEW DATES!-Look for us there!

We have moved to the fairer climates of late April and thus creating once again Toronto’s tenth foremost International cultural and art event of the spring, welcoming artists and galleries from 12 countries with the very best in International and Canadian Contemporary art.

And again, the wildest art party in Canada on opening night—see you there-stay tuned at See Features Page.

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Even if you ignore the pollution, cars simply take up too much space. Next time you are stuck in traffic behind what seems like a million cars, try to imagine if all those cars where replaced by pedestrians or bike riders. Suddenly, the congestion is gone.

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My first Queen West Show, The First Annual Emerging Artist Exhibit, held at Gallery 1313 will be closing this evening at 6pm.

Go for a Sunday afternoon stroll and catch a glimpse of some profoundly new and inventive talent. The gallery is located at 1313 Queen St. W. Hours of operation are from 1-6pm

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DEADLINE Jan 31: Four Calls for Submissions for 2012 World of Threads Festival
Deadline: 4:00 pm, Tuesday, January 31, 2012
2012 World of Threads Festival
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