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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Our natural world is a fraction of what it was before the mass migrations and oil spills of the human era. To imagine how it once was is not to lament, but to picture what it can be again.

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‘Even life itself seems to be running out, as biologists warn that we are in the midst of a global extinction event comparable to the last throes of the dinosaurs.’ An excerpt from the current Scientific American magazine titled The End.

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The fall season at the Heliconian Club opens with an exhibition of paintings by five new members.

Lois Dierlam
Sue Ennis
Paulette Lister
Michi Komori
Kerri Palangio


TORONTO HELICONIAN CLUB, 35 Hazelton Avenue, Toronto.

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When asked about the title of the exhibition (Frances) Thomas replied, “I think it speaks to how conflicted I am..”

Peter Robertson Gallery
12304 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

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Catherine Bodmer – DUO
From September 2 to October 9, 2010
Opening reception : Thursday September 2 at 8pm
At Clark Centre, Montreal

The subjects of Catherine Bodmer’s photographs are spaces with uncertain or precarious functions. The ambivalent nature of these bare places, from frozen lakes to roadways and vacant lots, derives from their potential to change over time and according to the various ways they can be occupied. This idea of transformation, which is central to Bodmer’s work, is developed in the splitting and alteration of her photographs which, in both their structure and their tiniest details, call for active observation.

Join us in taking peaceful action against Arctic oil drilling!

A few moments ago, our activists scaled Cairn Energy’s controversial oil rig off Greenland.

Activists approached the rig in inflatable speedboats, climbed up the inside of the rig and are now hanging from tents suspended from ropes.

Companies like Cairn are desperate to pursue the last drops of oil even if that means risking our environment and climate in the process – that’s why we’re taking peaceful action at Cairn’s drilling platform today.

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Even if parents go out of their way to ensure that all their kids get equal attention, middle children still lose. “They receive less cumulative investment than do eldest and lastborn offspring,” Sulloway says. And that explains why they go through life with lower self-esteem, feel more self-conscious, and often feel closer to friends than to parents.

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From the Sunnyside Show this weekend I have secured and confirmed a commission through a Rug Making Firm in Toronto that will be turning my paintings into Rugs. Finally Fabulous Fabric From Me! 🙂

Journey to the Moon
William Kentridge

A co-presentation with TIFF Future Projections
September 7 – September 19, 2010

Journey to the Moon is co-presented by Gallery TPW and TIFF Essential Cinema ( The Toronto International Film Festival takes place September 9-19, 2010 (

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I have installed my show at the Sunnyside Pavilion (1755 Lakeshore W, Parkside Exit). I am located third on the right on the upper level. Spread the word (advertising wasn’t done very well 🙂